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Edward Sprites -No Hood-

November 19th, 2015, 4:20 pm

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Meet Edward! 'Cause he is cool :D

Also, Assassin's Creed Logo and Teardrop. The only Extra Parts so far.

Edit: Sorted them out a little bit. Added three sprites for fighting and two more arms. SHADING, SHADING EVERYWHERE! Now they actually look a lot better because of the shading that I have been working on. Want the old version? No thanks! Unless you still have it saved and haven't switched which sprites you are using now.
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Author's Comments:

Reply AssassinPerson, November 19th, 2015, 4:55 pm

This is Edward! He is an Assassin, and the newest arrival to the House of Craziness. What my main intention was for people to pick one of the actual complete body with legs and that and then fit the arms on, to give him some arms. I will finish the rest of his awesome Assassin Robes as well, one day in the future. And then we will have a whole range of Edward's to use.
Also, his original name is Conner but we can't have two characters called Conner so I decided to make him be called Edward for the sake of making people less confused.
And for some reason, he has no sleeves when his arms are crossed or when he has his hands together. Don't ask why though.

Edward is a BRITISH Assassin which makes him different, and he also hates it when people make fun of his British accent. He will sometimes speak without thinking and, as seen, strange noises will make him be interested in what is happening. He is an excellent fighter and doesn't need any special powers, for he has the ways of the Assassin. Some arms with hidden Blades as well as Hooded versions are going to eventually be made as well, to increase the range of Edward Sprites there are. Oh yeah, he probably knows how to fire a gun. Even thought he doesn't need a gun. He has a gun hidden anyway, and can get it out if he seriously needs to, but probably won't ever need to bring out the literal big gun.

Edward doesn't really get scared at anything and he isn't one for telling the truth all the time, this means that he says what he wants to say no matter who could get into trouble as a result. He is proud to be British and tends to mock anyone who mocks him, and he isn't afraid to swear either. He hates it when people think they are better than he is because he can tell that their arrogance will be their downfall, usually to his hands as well. He is clever and uses his brainpower to solve situations and then he will act upon the solution he came up with without looking at the risks, and he is willing to risk his life in order to achieve his goals, for such is the way of the Assassin. He also follows a few rules of the Assassin's Creed and is happy to break the others for no reason, and he likes kicking templars butt whever they try to attack him. He hates all authority but won't show it. He also likes to display fake emotions to see if he is able to catch his opponent off guard, making it easier for him to escape and launch a surprise attack on them.

He enjoys hanging out in the shadows and other dark places, and he tends to climb up to high places and can scale almost any vertical wall with ease.

Just a note for everyone. Since I am most likely the only actual British person on here (I'm guessing the rest of you are American) then if you need any help with British versions of what American people say, send me a PM so then I can confirm this.

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Reply AssassinPerson, November 27th, 2015, 10:35 am

Edward So Edward, we meet again. And your Sprites are sorted out this time! Joy! And for some reason, you have reversed sleeping Sprites for falling, but at least we know something!

Awesome Colour Pallets FTW! It is just the AC Logo though, which I actually made myself because there were none on the internet, and the teardrop is here as well. Just don't resize it if adding to a person, just add it after the pages are the correct size. Thanks for reading, goodbye for now my friends!

Edit: I have been working on doing shading for these in order to make them look much neater as well as to make them look good. That is why I have been gone and not uploading anything, doing shading for all of these takes ages to do. Also, there are three more poses (I discovered that two weren't usable with different arms and then there was a third I found that wasn't on here at all) as well as the arms for sleeping/lying down and the two arms from one of the fighting poses. And I sorted it out a little bit, including having the colour pallets updated.

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Reply Muix, February 5th, 2016, 2:25 am

*insta download*

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